Hypnotherapy for Women Who Feel Challenged By Their Eating Habits

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Many people who overeat or eat past being full eat very quickly and will report that they really don't taste their food very much. Often, people eat whilst doing something else; watching TV, talking, reading a book and so on. It has been estimated that people who do other things whilst eating weigh 18% more than people who focus on just eating.

In this kind of scenario, whilst the mind is focused on something else such as the TV, we cannot be aware of what or how we are eating and will eat from habit. We will eat past being full for example or eat too quickly and ultimately will simply not fully enjoy our food.

When we are completely focused on our food and eating with all our senses, not only is the experience a more pleasurable one, but we are also often able to switch off some of our automatic habits.

This recording is designed to encourage you to eat in a more conscious way by only focusing on what you are eating and engaging all your senses to have a complete experience.

As always with recordings such as these, only listen to it when you can relax and not when driving or operating machinery or anything else that requires your full attention.

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